Not Another Personal Finance Book

How A Quirky (Even Funny) Set of Short Stories Can Keep You Engaged- And Give You The Tools To Manage Your Finances

Learning personal finance concepts can be pretty dull- so I decided to do something about it. Why not deliver personal finance concepts using humor? You read a quirky short story, you stay engaged- and you learn tools to manage your finances.

This book is a series of short stories- and each new chapter builds upon concepts in the prior stories.

  • The stories are being posted to my blog. Check out Accounting They are posted with chapter numbers listed.
  • Each chapter in the book provides action steps in a logical order.
  • The action steps includes links to great personal finance tools. 
  • End in frustration of information overload. This book provides a comprehensive roadmap for personal finances.

Get a User-Friendly Tool to Learn Personal Finance Topics

This series of stories can help you learn personal finance concepts in a story format. It's a comprehensive guide to creating a budget, saving, investing insurance, loans and more